Steering Committee

Vivian Chiem - President
Vice President of Government and Stakeholder Relations
, Wilfrid Laurier University Students' Union (WLUSU)

Vivian is a soon-to-be graduate from Laurier, majoring in Political Science with a double minor in North American and Environmental Studies. After interning at OUSA (check out her capstone here), she became the Campus Advocacy Committee Coordinator at WLUSU. Vivian attended the Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 General Assemblies as a delegate, truly seeing the power of student-led advocacy. This encouraged her and her team to take on Local Advocacy Week in the Waterloo region, where they met with MPs, Regional Councillors, and the Mayor to discuss food insecurity, housing, and community safety. In her free time, Vivian likes to watch trashy reality TV shows, explore new restaurants/foods, go to any kind of market, and carpool karaoke!

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Emily Poirier - VP Finance
Vice President External Affairs, University Students' Council (USC) 

Emily just finished her fourth year at Huron (one of Western’s affiliate colleges) studying Global Health and Refugee and Migrant Studies. Her student advocacy journey started three years ago when she decided, on a whim, to run for the Huron Students’ Council for a department representative position. Since then, Emily has been Vice-President Students Affairs at the Huron Students' Council, and a delegate at OUSA's General Assemblies, solidifying her desire to further explore the world of advocacy and policy outside of Western’s walls.

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Katie Traynor - VP Administration and Human Resources
Vice President, Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association (WUSA)

Katie is currently pursuing legal studies and a specialization in urban design. After a year or so of being an active community volunteer both overseas and within the Waterloo region, she was provided with the opportunity to join the WUSA delegation at the Spring 2023 General Assembly. Katie is also Chair of UCRU (Undergraduates of Canadian Research-Intensive Universities) so she hopes to apply what she has learnt from OUSA, WUSA, and UCRU towards improving the lives of students attending post-secondary institutes. Growing up in Singapore from the age of 4 and then attending university in Canada, she learnt the importance of community, relationship-building, and understanding the importance of recognizing different lived-experiences. 

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Julian Mollot-Hill
Commissioner of External Affairs, Alma Mater Society (AMS) 

Julian is a 5th year student in Engineering Physics, with a love for science and math and a passion for politics and social issues since he was young. He is especially passionate about economic accessibility. Whether it is due to housing, food, or tuition costs, he believes that education should never be withheld due to financial hardship or class discrimination, and feels that improving the affordability of education can be a key stepping stone to addressing economic inequality. When he's not reading about politics in newspapers, you can find him gaming, playing piano, and walking his family's dog, Lily.

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Alyssa Hall
Vice President External Affairs, Brock University Students' Union (BUSU)

Alyssa graduated from Brock University with a combined major bachelor’s degree (honours) in Women’s and Gender Studies and Political Science, and will return to Brock to complete her master's in Political Science with a concentration in Canadian Politics. The specific interests and passions that inform her advocacy focus on the affordability of post-secondary education, the eradication of gender-based sexual violence on university campuses, proper mental health supports and services for students, and the creation of equitable and inclusive learning environments that recognize the unique needs of all students.

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Anthony Coulter
Vice President of University Affairs, Trent Durham Student Association (TDSA)

Anthony is a 4th year political studies major at Trent Durham University. He was recently re-elected as the Vice President of University Affairs (VPUA) with the Trent Durham Student Association. One of the major issues he has discussed with many students is a lack of accessible and affordable education. He believes that every willing and qualified student should have a fair and equitable opportunity at accessing post-secondary education. While not working, you can catch Anthony catching up on his favourite series, Better Call Saul, as well as baking some sweet treats.

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Abby Samuels
Vice President of Education, McMaster Students Union (MSU)

Abby is entering her 4th year in the Life Sciences program with a double minor in Psychology and Social Policy, Social Problems, and the Law. Her involvement with Mac's community started with the Black Aspiring Physicians of McMaster (BAP-MAC). She worked her way up to Vice-President, and has worked closely with the Black Student Success Center, a space dedicated to supporting the academic and personal growth of black identity students at McMaster. Abby is a firm believer in intersectional and culturally competent policy and operating procedures, where leadership practices and advocacy points consider systemic barriers and inequalities for the individuals they represent.

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Victoria Mills
Vice President of University Affairs, Alma Mater Society (AMS)

Victoria graduated with a BScH with a major in Life Sciences, and is looking to complete her Certificate in Data Analytics come September. As VPUA, she oversees the Campus Affairs, Environmental Sustainability, External Affairs, Clubs, Social Issues (Internal and External) and Orientation commissions. Victoria is eager to collaborate on the policy papers that will be written this year with OUSA. If she's not in the office, she's typically working through her book list or curating her next Spotify playlist.

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Samantha Brown
President, Ontario Tech Student Union (OTSU)

Sam recently finished her undergrad at Ontario Tech University with a major in Legal Studies (Hons), a minor in Criminology and Justice and a Specialization in Alternative Dispute Resolution. She has always been involved in extracurriculars on campus, starting as an Ambassador in her first year, and then becoming a Peer Leader and Peer Mentorship Programs Assistant for the Student Life Department. Sam also started the BIPOC Club and the Black Student Collective on her campus. She has also worked as the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities Project & Event Services Assistant: Advocates Assembly, OTSU Board Director, and OTSU Board Chair.

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Zarreen Brown
Vice President Education, Students' General Association (SGA)

Zarreen is pursuing her BSc/BEd in Psychology through Laurentian’s Concurrent Education program, and in addition to being a part of the SGA, is also en executive with Pride Laurentian. Her goal is to create a strong work ethic that seeks to advocate for and serve not just Laurentian's student body, but especially those whose voices continue to be suppressed and silenced. Zarreen's approaches her role with a decolonized and community-focused lens. Her advocacy priorities include bolstering our student mental health systems and creating concrete plans that will break down barriers toward higher education.

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