Introducing Julian Mollot-Hill, Commissioner of External Affairs at Queen's University

Hi there!

My name is Julian Mollot-Hill, I am the Commissioner of External Affairs at the Alma Mater Society (AMS) at Queen’s University and a voting member of the OUSA Steering Committee. 

I am also a 5th year student in Engineering Physics, and this is my first time being a part of OUSA. Although I am new to the organization, and student advocacy in general, I can’t wait to work hard with the 2023-24 Steering Committee to protect and advance the interests of university students across Ontario.

A little bit about myself – I was born in Boston, MA but moved to Ottawa when I was just 8 months old (dodged a bullet haha). I grew up in Ottawa before starting my undergrad at Queen’s, following in my mother’s footsteps since she graduated from here in Engineering Geophysics in 1987! The program is perhaps famous for its, uhm, “unique” culture and bizarre traditions, but for me at least it’s hallowed ground. 

Although I have a love of science and math, I’ve been passionate about politics and social issues since I was young. I would read newspapers, magazines, history books, and anything I could get my hands on – even if I wouldn’t really understand it until I was older. I also love getting technical, whether it’s about science or public policy, and I’m a huge data nerd (I’m an engineer, sue me).

In terms of policy issues, I am especially passionate about economic accessibility. Whether it is due to housing, food, or tuition costs, I believe that education should never be withheld due to financial hardship or class discrimination. Economic inequality across the country may be a manifold issue, but improving the affordability of education can be a key stepping stone to address it.

I’m not always so serious though, believe it or not, I love to make people laugh and I always try to make people’s days a little brighter. I also am an avid gamer, mostly on the PC, and I tend to play multiplayer games with my friends. DOTA 2, Counter-Strike, Minecraft, I have personally sunk far too much time in these games, but we all need some great time wasters in our lives right? In the time I have between everything else, I like to play the piano (when I remember that I should haha) and going for very long walks with my family’s dog, Lily.

I am thoroughly looking forward to working with the super bright and super amazing people here at OUSA, this year is going to be fantastic!