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Pride Month on Ontario University Campuses

The rainbow flag flies proudly above many university campuses in Ontario this month. Most universities this year are flying the Intersex-Inclusive Progress flag, and some the Two-Spirit Pride flag as well. But what are universities across Ontario doing other than just flying a flag and making a post on Instagram? Although many students are not on campus in the summer—except for the hardworking co-op and summer students—some universities have a lineup of activities and workshops focused on celebrating pride and creating an inclusive and welcoming environment.


Presidential Update June 2024

Hello again!! Long time no chat ;) 


First and foremost - Happy Pride & Indigenous History Month! I hope June has been treating everyone well so far, and that you made it through Ontario’s heat wave last week. 

Introducing the 2024-2025 SC VP Finance, Arya Razmjoo!

I am Arya Razmjoo, the Vice-President of WUSA (Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association) and the newly appointed Vice-President of Finance at OUSA. It’s an honour to step into this role and contribute to an organization that plays a vital part in enhancing the university experience for students across Ontario.

Fake it Till You Make it…? Unpacking Imposter Syndrome

A while back, I got a compliment from one of my best friends on some OUSA work I’d done. Instinctively, I laughed it off and said “fake it till you make it!” because I didn’t feel deserving of the praise and so, I tried to downplay my efforts. Moments later as I hyper-analyzed the interaction (because yes, I can be that kind of person), I thought to myself “Why did I say that? I succeeded in that work because I was genuinely confident in my ability to be an advocate. So…why did I act like it was nothing?”