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Steering Committee

Anthony Coulter, TDSA - [email protected]
Alyssa Hall, BUSU - [email protected]
Julian Mollot-Hill, AMS - [email protected]
Zarreen Brown, SGA - [email protected]
Samantha Brown, OTSU - [email protected]
Victoria Mills, AMS - [email protected]
Abby Samuels, MSU - [email protected]
Emily Poirier, USC - [email protected]
Katie Traynor, WUSA - [email protected]
Vivian Chiem, WLUSU - [email protected]



Malika Dhanani, Executive Director - [email protected]
Octavia Andrade-Dixon, Research and Policy Analyst - [email protected]
Ananya Gupta, Research and Policy Analyst - [email protected]
Tiffany Li Wu, Operations and Communications Coordinator - [email protected]