Throw the Stone; Limitless

We are all authors and storytellers. Following along with the pages and chapters, opportunities and barriers of our lives; a time before, during, and after this moment, and every other moment. My story, not dissimilar to yours, began inside a glass house, witnessing the unfolding dynamics around us. Uniquely, my story underscores that we carry a sacred duty to connect with our heart. Through this we possess limitless potential, striving for a collective liberation, rooted in the cultivation of wisdom.


I, Broderick Norwich, acknowledge the privilege I attain as a settler academic, delegate, and advocate, recognizing the weight of my position. My voice, in the same vein as others, is riddled with unique barriers and opportunities. As a delegate, and author, our role goes beyond mere perspective; it is y(our) story that inspires personal leadership. We leverage our voice and privilege to acknowledge history, embrace responsibility, and foster accountability. My service requires accountability to diverse individuals with experiences different from my own. Despite lacking personal connections, it’s my duty to interpret rights and advocate for those who do not share the same privilege. Like stones cast at surrounding glass walls; our ideas collide, shattering strongholds, and intermingling with diverse ideologies.


Guard your joyful heart, 

A source of life, so dear,

A fortress strong, devoid of fear.


Picture the glass house as a symbol of restraint - every crack signifying liberation. Whether it's the choice to connect with others, embrace diverse experiences, or take your rightful position in the narrative of your life. The shattering of the glass house is a powerful metaphor for breaking free and stepping into the fullness of your potential. Everyone starts in a glass house; points in their life when they are wandering and questioning their landscape. Do not fear this state of ignorance, embrace it. Take the learner role. and witness other’s operate. Learn from their heart and inspire a curious & authentic self.

OUSA gives our voice a platform, and we are gifted with opportunities to be learners and leaders. My advice is to protect your heart, and embrace the learned and lived experience of others. Do this by not watching the world unfold around you. Throw the Stone. Understand your position, walk into your place and allow the articulation of your heart. Take the leader role, and encourage optimal operation. Share your learned and lived wisdom, individually shaping other’s hearts, and refining y(our) own.


Curiously we seek clarity,

A source of wisdom, so bright 

With every amendment and vast rewrite.


I’m now in the position where my responsibility is to seek out opportunities, enlighten others, teach listeners, and pursue my story. However, it is impossible to recall your story without acknowledging the learned wisdom of others. Authoring the Rural & Northern Students policy paper during the Fall 2023 General Assembly was such an exciting process, and I would like to embrace the wisdom of my colleagues. 

Thank you to delegate, Sneddon-Ghosal; his spirit for enhanced EDI initiatives has inspired more authenticity in my work. His passion for inclusive policies and cultural promotion softens my heart. I always strive to learn from Sayak’s experience and knowledge as my Laurier counterpart. 

Thank you to delegate, Brown for her kindness and perspective as a Northern student. I really loved learning from her processes and unique lived experience, not originally being from a Rural or Northern community. It was a pleasure Zarreen, you have a strong voice.

Thank you to delegate, Lei for challenging me in the writing process and assisting with my foundation for developing PCR’s. I witnessed Ann work on the Teaching and Assessment paper last winter and I was impressed by her confidence and articulation of her ideas. Ann, you inspired an increased effort and pursuit of clarity in my work. 

Thank you to delegate, Poirier for her confidence and foundational knowledge on Rural and Northern students. Admittedly, I was intimidated by Emily at first, but she was helpful and is consistent in producing and inspiring meaningful work.

Lastly, thank you to our Research and Policy Analyst, Ananya Gupta. All the love and thanks to Ananya because she helped me learn to write a policy paper and guided me through the process of creating and defending PCR’s in just over a month. 

Explore how you experience fulfillment, what personal leadership means to you, and how you can best function within systems. Our desires and advocating towards positive change, will come to fruition, when we establish fluid, student-teacher relationships. Inciting consistent curiosity, draws principled hearts, proficient at navigating the complexities of individual purpose. Our responsibility extends beyond self, school, or community boundaries. Self-fulfillment is achievable through aligning with one another’s source, allowing ideas to flow as we learn, mentor, and inspire - testifying to our limitless potential.