Introducing Abigail Samuels, VP (Education) at McMaster University

Hey Family! My name is Abigail Samuels (she/her/hers), and I’m the Vice-President (Education) for the McMaster Students Union (MSU). Only my mother and the CRA use Abigail, feel free to call me Abby <3.

September marks my 4th year in the Life Sciences program with a double minor in Psychology and Social Policy, Social Problems and the Law.  Through knowledge provided through my degree and extensive lived experience, I’m a firm believer in intersectional and culturally competent policy and operating procedures, where leadership practices and advocacy points consider systemic barriers and inequalities for the individuals they represent.


Although this is my first step into the world of external affairs, my involvement in the McMaster community has been integral to my university experience and earned me the nickname “Miss Marauder” from loved ones. My first point of entry into the Mac’s community was with the Black Aspiring Physicians of McMaster (BAP-MAC). Working my way up to the position of Vice-President, BAP-MAC was an integral player in strengthening the size and strength of the black pre-medical community as well as my personal development. In that time, I worked closely with the Black Student Success Center, a space dedicated to supporting the academic and personal growth of black identity students at McMaster. 


I am beyond excited, and honoured, to hold a position where I can support and create efforts to better the lives of students across Ontario. Let’s do this.