RGB: Issues in Ontario's Post-Secondary Education, A Photo Series

Vivian Chiem, OUSA Summer Advocacy and Communications Intern, presents RGB: Issues in Ontario’s Post-Secondary Education, a collection of photographs and data to visually highlight some key themes from the 2020 iteration of OUSA’s rigorous bi-annual research undertaking, the Ontario Undergraduate Student Survey (OUSS). RGB (red, green, and blue) features 9 color-coded photographs on sexual and gender-based violence, affordability, and mental health, accompanied by text featuring data from the 2020 OUSS and other sources.




Each triptych in the photo series follows a colour theme associated with each of the three categories: red for sexual and gender-based violence, green for affordability, and blue for mental health. Every photo accompanied by a caption on each of the three categories, sharing findings from the 2020 OUSS as well as research from OUSA policies. The text also highlights some of OUSA’s own policy recommendations concerning these issues, well-researched and written by undergraduate students in Ontario.

The photo series was released in three parts on OUSA's Instagram over Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, July 27th to 29th. The complete lookbook is available for viewing now on our website here.