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Presidential Update - August 2020


As summer winds down and the fall semester nears, it has been an extraordinarily busy time for OUSA.

This month, we were invited to participate in an additional consultation with the Ministry of Colleges and Universities on international education, microcredentials, and work-integrated and digital learning. We took this opportunity to highlight the immense financial challenges international students face due to unregulated tuition and minimal financial assistance, and how these challenges have been exacerbated by COVID-19. We also emphasized the need for quality digital and work-integrated learning opportunities to ensure students can have high-quality and impactful experiences despite the challenges that we’ve seen with online and remote learning.

Perspectives on Campus: Episode 3

As we've learned in recent weeks, anti-racism changes don't happen overnight. What can educational institutions do to move forward and combat racism on their campuses?

Perspectives on Campus: Episode 3

What does decolonizing post-secondary education look like? In today’s episode of Perspectives on Campus, Zamir and Alyssa discuss the tricultural mandate at Laurentian University.

Perspectives on Campus: Episode 2

Student clubs and other extracurricular activities often help students feel a sense of belonging and foster community throughout undergrad. For racialized students, however, this is not always the case. Racialized students often face roadblocks and barriers to accessing these opportunities.


No, racial slurs can’t serve ‘educational purposes.’

In January, I attended a guest lecture on civilian harm reduction during armed conflict. At the time, I was enrolled in a course studying transitional justice and was quite interested in the lecturer’s research interests. Attending this lecture, however, was one of the most uncomfortable and alienating experiences of my undergraduate career.

Perspectives on Campus - Episode 1

"When coming to a new university, students should be worried about what courses they are taking or who their professor is. They shouldn't be worrying about what types of racism they will be enduring on campus or within the London community."

Presidential Update - July 2020


I hope everyone is doing their best to enjoy a little bit of their summer while staying safe! We’ve been enjoying our summer at OUSA, tackling a lot of new projects and exciting opportunities this month.

OUSA Presents: "Perspectives on Campus"

Racialized students studying in Ontario’s universities have unique experiences relative to their white counterparts. Recognizing this, OUSA is sharing first-hand accounts of these experiences with the broader provincial post-secondary community.