Autumnal Road Trip: OUSA Fall 2022 Campus Visits



It may be spooky season, but that’s not a ghost… if you thought you saw OUSA on your campus, you’re absolutely correct! 


OUSA hit the road this fall to visit a few of our favourite campuses across Ontario. We got the chance to link up with the resident Steering Committee member of each student union in their own element, hang out with some of your favourite student leaders, and share our passion for equitable higher education with some of Ontario’s brightest.


First up, we took the car out to the great region of Waterloo-Kitchener to find Steph and their terrific team in the midst of September’s back-to-school fanfare. In between weaving cotton candy and showing off their adorable goose-inspired tote bags, we saw the care, hard work, and pride that WUSA’s students and staff take in their community.



Not too long after, on the 26th, we found ourselves in Oshawa, Ontario to visit the infamous Josh and his charismatic colleagues over at the Ontario Tech Student Union. As one of OUSA’s observer schools, we were all excited to see a campus we had never visited before!


Don’t hang out in the Durham region often? Well, maybe you should - Ontario Tech might be our new favourite campus!



A few days later, Home Office was back on the road. This time, we took a scenic drive out to London, Ontario to a backdrop of farmland and yawning rock formations, and everywhere we looked, the leaves were changing colours. 

Arriving at the University Students’ Council, we were greeted by so much warmth and laughter, and a tender reminder that students really do have the power to change the world.



So, what’s next? Well, it’s officially conference season here at OUSA, and all of us – including many of you! – are taking a trip to the city of Sudbury to visit our friends over at Laurentian University for our biannual General Assembly.

General Assembly is the final step in our rigorous policy process. Student leaders across Ontario shall convene to bridge together research and advocacy, and inform those student-written, evidence-based policies we are so proud of!


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