Habitats: Students in their Municipalities 2022

Each year, students from OUSA’s member institutions highlight the successes and challenges they face in their municipalities in Habitats: Students in their Municipalities. Habitats is a series of case studies on municipal-level topics and issues affecting undergraduate students across the province.


Articles in this year’s edition of Habitats explore the ongoing concerns surrounding students' safety off-campus in Hamilton, the barriers students face acquiring housing amidst COVID-19, the environmental benefits to public and sustainable means of transportation, the ubiquitous issue of food insecurity across the province, and the relationship between municipalities and students. 


Ontario’s post-secondary institutions are integral parts of their respective municipalities, and collaboration and coordination between universities and their local municipalities is an important aspect of facilitating a mutually beneficial relationship. A healthy, productive environment born out of collaboration and coordination allows both students and municipalities to thrive by fostering an environment of trust, growth, respect, and community.