In Case You Missed It: OUSA Drops “RGB: Issues in Ontario’s PSE,” A Photo Series

Happy Friday, everyone!

In case you missed it, let’s catch you up! Just last week, Vivian Chiem, our Communications and Advocacy Intern launched her capstone project, RGB: Issues in Ontario’s Post Secondary Education! RGB is a colour-coded photo series that aims to bring attention to ongoing issues that university students face in Ontario in the areas of sexual and gender based violence, affordability and mental health. The project draws from OUSA’s student survey, the Ontario Undergraduate Student Survey (OUSS), as well as OUSA’s own policy library.

The desire to incorporate visual arts in addressing important issues inspired this project. Vivian, who loved media arts in high school, felt the urge to reconnect with that creative aspect and connect it back to her work. The goal of applying colour theory was to evoke various emotions and communicate different messages. Each photograph depicts a distinct visual representation of how post-secondary students feel when challenged with these issues. The captions are student quotes, leaving the images open to interpretation by viewers.

Learn more and check out the project here: