Introducing Brodie Norwich, VP Government & Stakeholder Relations of Wilfrid Laurier University's Students' Union!

Hello readers! My name is Broderick (Brodie) Norwich, I use he/him pronouns, and I am the current Vice President of Government & Stakeholder Relations for Wilfrid Laurier University Students’ Union, or WLUSU! 


Before coming to Laurier, I grew up in Orangeville, a town about an hour north of the GTA. My post-secondary experience has been shaped by so many factors, it would make more sense to write a book than a blog. Currently, I am attending Laurier in pursuit of a degree in Political Science with a minor in Leadership but actually started in Laurier’s Business Administration program. I have been shaped by obstacles such as switching programs because of initial struggles in Business, adapting to online learning during COVID, retaking classes for better grades, adjusting study habits, and working on personal and professional development despite a poor student experience.  I have lived in Waterloo for five years now and my partner and I have a cat named “Mouse”.


This is not my first blog. I wrote another last year, titled, Throw the Stone; Limitless. In this blog, I attempted to articulate what I believe to be a large driving force for me, which was the concept of self-actualization and personal leadership. I believe that all individuals ought not to be bound by obstacles and deserve to pursue and receive an extraordinary life. It is no secret that individuals endure trials and tribulations that are unique to them and their walk. However, I believe that individuals fail to recognize the tools they possess to overcome perceived obstacles, while pursuing and receiving said extraordinary life. I intentionally included Limitless as part of the title because through self-actualization, an individual can embrace and appreciate their unique abilities, opportunities, potential, extent, or quality. To be limitless suggests a concept of extending beyond all measurable or conceivable limitations. The role we all play in advocacy efforts is a testament to our limitless nature. Measured by our continued efforts to craft landscapes in which vulnerable individuals pursue an extraordinary life free of static strongholds; our ability to stand in the gap for needless suffering. 


My time as a student leader, advocate, academic, and peacemaker has allowed me to exercise my passions in a way that is truly unique and empowering to myself and my walk. I hope to help others obtain responsibilities and opportunities that I have been blessed to receive. I have no doubts in the pursuit of an extraordinary life for all individuals. I am and we are, merely a small cog in a very large machine, capable of making great change. For me, success is measured by my ability to serve others, more so, those who do not recognize their potential. My experiences have shown me that our job as advocates, academics, and peacemakers is to embrace our experience and wisdom and stand in the gap for needless suffering of others. I am a firm believer in strength derived from humility and wisdom. In my own words, I believe that I exist to recognize my responsibility in authentically honouring and standing in the gap for equity-denied individuals so they connect with their source in pursuit of an extraordinary life. 


My responsibility is to honour individuals and lead authentically. Standing in the gap is my source and a tool for navigating my pursuit of an extraordinary life. An individual’s source is unique to them and they will endure many trials and tribulations on their journey of discovering their source. 


The name of this blog is shattered strongholds because trials and tribulations do not define us, even our ability to overcome them does not define us. We ought not be defined or measured by “what” or “how” we do things. If strength is derived from humility and wisdom, then we are measured and defined by “why” we do things. To reiterate, I believe that I exist to recognize my responsibility in authentically honouring and standing in the gap for equity-denied individuals so they connect with their source in pursuit of an extraordinary life. 


I am so excited to embark on this advocacy journey with this year’s Steering Committee. The responsibility we carry as OUSA’s Steering Committee members is advocating for a post-secondary system in which all individuals can equitably pursue their own extraordinary lives. I intend to do right by students as my predecessors have shown me. I would like to acknowledge the many WLUSU predecessor Steering Committee members that I have and have not met. My biggest influences being Vivian Chiem and Kayla Han, I would like to specifically acknowledge them and the impact they had on me as student leaders. Without their laying of the path, I would not be on this walk. I have a lot of love and gratitude for all members of OUSA and I hope to lay the path for future leaders to walk.


I hope in reading this you are inspired to get involved in student government and advocacy opportunities. The pursuit of these passions has been the most fulfilling and memorable part of my student experience. If you wish to connect, do not hesitate to reach out to my email below. 


Thank you for reading. Promote Peace, Love, & Positivity. 


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