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Another Year, Another Reflection on Black Canadian History

I really wanted to celebrate Black History Month this year--you know, #BlackFutures. I really wanted to write an informative blog and empower people to learn more about Black history in Canada. But I’ve been doing research. And in thinking about what I wanted to write about and trying to come up with something that would be relevant to the post-secondary sector and informative to readers, I kept coming across this saddening assertion:

Black people in Canada are a heterogenous, disparate group brought together by the shared experience of racism and discrimination.

The Challenge of Unpaid Opportunities

“Political Science Internship Opportunity…” the subject line catches my attention as I scroll through my inbox. As a fourth year student, graduating in just a few months, the question of what I will do after graduation still has no answer. Excited at the mention of a potential opportunity to gain relevant experience, I click on the email.

Take Care of Yourself

So the time has come, today is my last day at OUSA. It’s been almost 10 years now since I have graduated from high school and started my undergrad education at the University of Lethbridge (still the best university by the way). I have had so many wonderful experiences and most of all, I have met so many interesting, passionate, and kind people along the way.

Introducing Deborah Lam, OUSA’s New Operations Coordinator

Hello there!

My name is Deborah Lam (but you can call me Deb) and I’m very excited to join the OUSA team! 

I completed a degree at Wilfrid Laurier University in the Honours Bachelor of Business Administration program with a concentration in Marketing and Brand Communications. Originally, my goal was to become an art director at an advertising agency. I loved to be the creative one behind a marketing campaign. During my undergrad, I was heavily involved in volunteer opportunities that allowed me the chance to plan, promote and facilitate events for undergraduate students. It was during my volunteer involvements that I realized a passion for event planning and organization. There’s nothing more rewarding than putting on an event for students and watching their faces light up with excitement.

Presidential Update - January 2017

Hello everyone and happy 2017!

I hope that you have had a great holiday break and are enjoying the beginning of second semester. OUSA has started off with a busy January featuring lots of meetings, policy updates, and elections happening on our member campuses across Ontario. The well needed break was perfect as we head into the busy new year advocating for the needs of students all across the province. 

Making Progress in Indigenous Support in University

Often, Indigenous Canadians are not interested in continuing their education after high school; and for those who are interested, they have almost always found it difficult to find resources or the financial support that they need to do so. Since this has been the case for many years, Canadian universities have now begun to make efforts to provide resources for Indigenous students and offer more opportunities for financial aid. 

The Need for Expedited Cases at the Landlord and Tenant Board

I regrettably returned from my holidays in January to learn that some Laurier students who expected to move into their residence were still without homes. I had hoped that by the time I returned, Waterloo’s student housing crisis would be over and every student that had been displaced would have a place to call home by the time they started their second semester. I guess I should have expected the result to not be in favour of the students. 

Give Students a Voice in Institutional Quality Assurance

I spend the first moments of my mornings, as I’m sure many higher education advocacy students do, reading Alex Usher’s blog. Generally, I’m a big fan of this blog. Whether I agree with it all or not is beside the point. Usher challenges thought in PSE and forces you to think about issues that will affect your institution now and into the future. 

It’s Time to Cut Down Barriers to Post-secondary Education

I remember my Grade 10 careers class like it was yesterday. I remember because it’s the exact time I decided I wanted to pursue a PhD and to become a Psychologist. At that time, I also thought it was the type of career where you just gave advice to people all day, for hundreds of dollars an hour, just like all my friends asked me to do for them constantly. I was good at that. I thought that was what a psychologist did. You know what would have been helpful then? Access to a knowledgeable and certified career counsellor who could share with me more information about what this career entailed and the pathway (with alternate pathways) one could follow to get to it.