Presidential Update - January 2018

Happy February everyone!

Last month, we ran our #TextbookBroke campaign to raise awareness around the benefits of open educational resources (OERs). Thank you to everyone who participated. We look forward to sharing your stories - they will not go unnoticed. We encourage everyone to continue the conversation on the benefits of OERs. Continue to talk with your instructors and peers. Continue to share your stories.

It has also been just over a week since Bell ran its annual #BellLetsTalk day. Initiatives like this serve as a great reminder about the importance of partnership and dialogue, and the role we each play, in promoting mental wellness. However, it is crucial that efforts like these last more than one day. Have you continued talking? Have you engaged with your friends, family or coworkers in a conversation about mental health? At OUSA we want to do our part in making sure the conversation continues year-round.

Student mental health has been a priority for quite a while. As many of you know, last Fall we partnered with the College Student Alliance, the Council of Ontario Universities, and Colleges Ontario, to publish In It Together, a report with recommendations on improving mental wellness on post-secondary campuses. While the report is primarily aimed at the provincial government, the principles and recommendations from the report can also guide local action. Our members will be presenting the report to Local Health Integration Networks, and other campus and community-based care providers as well. We hope that doing so will get local communities excited about creative and collaborative ways to address the gaps that exist today.

Additionally, we are currently finalizing our plans for our Winter General Assembly which will be held in early March at Laurentian University. This term, we will be reviewing our papers on Student Health and Wellness, Mobility and Credit Transfer, and Mature Students. We are looking forward to bringing representatives from our member schools to our newest member institution, and continuing to update our standing policy so we can continue to effectively represent undergraduate and professional students within the province. If this assembly interests you, some of our members are still looking for delegates. I would highly recommend that you check out your student association’s website for a chance to join us in Sudbury!

Have a great month! Do some reading on reading week, but also be sure to take some time for yourself.