Ontario's June 2022 Election

Today, OUSA is launching our Get Out the Vote campaign with the intention of making sure post-secondary students have all the information they need to vote on June 2, 2022. Students and youth voters now make up a huge portion of the electorate and have the chance to make a massive impact on the outcome of the upcoming election. 


Post-secondary students are particularly interested in policies that will increase the affordability of post-secondary education, support student mental health, address sexual and gender-based violence on post-secondary campuses, commit to properly funding post-secondary institutions and create a plan to make a greener, more accessible Ontario.


Understanding how or where to vote can be confusing. Here at OUSA, we’ll be sharing resources on voting registration, voter eligibility, mail-in voting, advance voting, and much more over the coming days! Do you have questions we’re not answering? Write to us at [email protected], or message us on Instagram or Twitter at @ousahome.


To follow the campaign, visit @ousahome on Instagram and Twitter (look out for our #studentsvote hashtag). You can also check out www.ousavotes.ca for answers to all those frequently asked questions about voting in the provincial election.

OUSA represents the interests of 150,000 professional and undergraduate, full-time and part-time university students at eight student associations across Ontario. Our vision is for an accessible, affordable, accountable, and high quality post-secondary education in Ontario. To achieve this vision we’ve come together to develop solutions to challenges facing higher education, build broad consensus for our policy options, and lobby government to implement them.