Quality - Results from the 2020 Ontario Undergraduate Student Survey (previously OPSSS)

OUSA is excited to release the third and final report of our three-part report series, sharing results from our 2020 Ontario Undergraduate Student Survey (OUSS), previously known as the Ontario Post-Secondary Student Survey. This final report discusses the quality of post-secondary, and the impacts covid-19 has had on teaching and learning, the experiences of international students, affects to student employability, civic engagement, and the prevalence of students’ declining mental health. Our results indicate that the quality of the post-secondary experience for students has changed drastically when compared to 2017; many students were unsatisfied with the quality of online learning and the availability of mental health support. OUSA hopes that the findings from this report will act as evidence to strengthen the quality of education, and the overall post-secondary experience, as we continue to navigate the precarious learning environment due to COVID-19.