Accessibility - Results from the 2020 Ontario Undergraduate Student Survey (previously OPSSS)

OUSA is excited to release the second of a three-part report series, sharing results from our 2020 Ontario Undergraduate Student Survey (OUSS), previously known as the Ontario Post-Secondary Student Survey. This second report discusses how post-secondary accessibility is impacted by various factors including demographics, credit transfer pathways, and housing and transportation barriers. Our results indicate that safety and comfort levels continue to impact underrepresented student groups, many were unsatisfied with rationales for non-transferrable credits, and housing access was hindered by the COVID-19 pandemic and high costs. Further actions are warranted to expand access to Ontario’s post-secondary system; OUSA hopes that findings from this report will act as evidence to continue broadening access to education in ways that comprehensively and equitably meet the needs of all students, and consequently facilitate successful post-graduation outcomes.