Presidential Update March 2022

Hello and Happy March (and almost Spring)! 


Firstly, I want to acknowledge the protests that have taken place over the past month in opposition to a variety of government restrictions. The signs of hatred that have been on display have been infuriating to see and if you are feeling frustrated or scared, you are not alone. Please make sure to take care of yourself and check in on those around you. 

As we slowly head out of winter and the weather warms up a little, things are starting to wrap up for the school year and for current student union executives. Many campuses are currently holding or finishing up their elections. I know I’ve said it many times before, but I highly encourage everyone to keep an eye out for student leadership opportunities! Whether elected, hired, or volunteer opportunities, I strongly believe that there is a leadership opportunity for everyone. Make sure to seek them out and get involved!

In February, as a celebration of Black History Month, I wrote a blog piece titled “This is your time: The importance of black representation in student government.” I was able to speak from my experiences as a black woman within this space, and hopefully encourage other black and racialized students to run or apply for leadership roles. You can read this and more from other students at OUSA's blogand if you’re interested in writing a blog post, contact [email protected]

In February OUSA also released its second report of results from the Ontario Undergraduate Student Survey on Accessibility. Accessibility: Results from the 2020 Ontario Undergraduate Student Survey focuses on accessibility and discusses how post-secondary accessibility is impacted by various factors including demographics, credit transfer pathways, and housing and transportation barriers. To learn more, check out the report here

February was also filled with lots of planning for our Spring General Assembly, coming up this weekend from March 10 to 13th! This time, we'll be discussing and debating policies focused on Tech-Enabled Learning, Mature Students, and Student Financial Aid. Stay tuned in on our social media for updates on the conference later this week!


That’s all from me, until next time!


Eunice :)