Presidential Update February 2022

Hello and Happy February, everyone! 


I hope you are all keeping safe and taking care of yourselves with the gradual return to more in-person activities. I know it’s been a stressful time but we’re getting through it.

January started off with lots of interviews as we hired a new Research & Policy Analyst, Shemar! We’re so excited to have Shemar on the team and can’t wait to see him grow in his new role. You can read more about Shemar on our blog here.

This past month we also submitted our pre-budget submission to the Ontario Government’s Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs, and we will also be submitting recommendations to the Minister of Finance during Ontario’s Budget Consultations in February! Our recommendations – on supporting affordability, student mental health, sexual and gender-based violence prevention and response, and students with disabilities – will be posted publicly on our website.

As well, this was an exciting month as all four policy papers that were passed at our Fall 2021 General Assembly have been officially released and updated online! These papers were “Student Mobility and Credit Transfer,” “Responding to COVID-19,” “Accountability and System Vision,” and “Indigenous Students.” You can also check out our first report, “Affordability: Results from the 2020 Ontario Undergraduate Student Survey,” from our Ontario Undergraduate Student Survey (OUSS), now available online!

Looking ahead to a new governing year, most campuses across Ontario have started, or will be starting, running elections for student government. This time last year I had decided to run for my role and was gearing up for campaigning. It was very difficult at times to motivate myself to run but if you need some motivation, I can provide that for you – DO IT! The student leaders that are elected will be able to create tangible and meaningful change in your community and, if you can, I encourage you to participate :) 

Finally, we are always looking to motivate students to get involved with OUSA through blog-writing! If there is something affecting you and other students in Ontario, and you want to write or share information about it, consider submitting to our blog. Write to [email protected] with a pitch or a draft, and we can share your story.


Until next time,

Eunice :)