Introducing Tiffany Li Wu, Operations & Communication Coordinator

Hello OUSA!


I am Tiffany, joining OUSA as your new Operations and Communications Coordinator. 


My OUSA journey started when I joined as an AMS delegate for Queen's University at the 2022 Fall General Assembly. A few months later, I was  running event logistics as the host university for Spring General Assembly 2023. I love event planning to my core and have been planning events for school since I was 12 years old - so becoming Operations and Communications Coordinator is a very logical next step after graduating. 


I recently finished my undergrad majoring in Global Development Studies and minoring in Political Studies, and will be completing my Certificate in Business from the Smith School of Business soon. My degree provided me with the most critical insight on how change in the world can be made by shaping the minds of youth scholars and how diverse voices can transform difficult dialogue.


Academics aside, my involvement in student government and student advocacy is what I take pride in and what led me to join OUSA. I worked tirelessly for the past three years to create a welcoming space for international and exchange students through planning large scale orientation weeks (I like events), and advocating on student housing issues by hosting a housing resources fair (again, I live for event logistics). I have also taken internships and summer positions in marketing and sales to develop communication skills.


Although I was born in Toronto, this is only my sixth year in Canada as I grew up in southern China and Panama. I speak Cantonese, Mandarin, and English and can understand Spanish and Korean in daily conversational settings - my brain can easily short circuit and sometimes I can't remember how to say the simplest word in each language. But that doesn’t stop me from talking to people! I enjoy spending time out and about with people and getting to know others (just on the street or in a coffee shop) but I also love alone time in the kitchen cooking and baking too!