Introducing Jodi Ambrose, President of Trent Durham Student Association!

Hello everyone!

My name is Jodi Riley Ambrose, and I am the President of the Trent Durham Student Association (TDSA). I am a 6th-year Business and Philosophy student. I enjoy gaming and music, and I love student advocacy!

My experience in student government dates all the way back to August of 2020 (1,339 days as of writing this). I’ve been involved with the TDSA as a student at large and part-time staff, then two years on the Board of Directors, and now entering my second year as President. With OUSA specifically, I have authored the previous iteration of the Health & Wellness paper as well as the current iteration of the Student Accessibility and Disability Inclusion paper. I have also attended 5 OUSA General Assemblies and took part in the 2023 Student Advocacy Conference. Beyond formal experience, as a trans person with disabilities, I have been advocating for various causes for most of my teenage life.

Over my time in student government, some of the biggest challenges that I and many other students have faced include affordability, health and wellness, and systemic discrimination in institutions. I believe that students should have access to quality post-secondary education that doesn't create unnecessary financial burdens and allows students to grow and feel safe in post-secondary environments.