Introducing Charlie Martin, Advocacy and Communications Intern Summer 2023

Hey there!


My name is Charlie Martin, and I am OUSA's 2023 Summer Advocacy and Communications Intern.


In the fall, I will enter my third year at Brock University in political science with a minor in history. Through my time at Brock, I have gained valuable experience both academically and through extracurriculars, further developing my interest in student advocacy.


During my time in post-secondary education, I have dedicated my time to student governance and being a student voice. My experience in student governance has enriched my understanding of the many inequalities students face. In my first year, I was appointed as a first-year representative for the Brock University Students' Union Advisory Council (BUSU-AC). In my second year, I continued my work with BUSU-AC as a student-at-large and this year I will continue my work with BUSU as a member of the Board of Directors. 


While working with OUSA this summer, I aim to use my skills in content creation to raise awareness about student issues. I had the privilege of attending OUSA's Fall 2022 General Assembly, where I learned about issues students across Ontario face. The lessons I learned from that experience inspired me to continue advocating - and now working - with OUSA to shed light on student issues. I hope to gain valuable knowledge from this role and better understand post-secondary students' challenges. I will highlight the work of OUSA and what the Home Office, Steering Committee members, and student advocates are doing to bring awareness to student-related issues.    


Aside from student advocacy, here are a few fun things about me. I enjoy playing guitar, taking photos, sailing, and attending concerts!


I am beyond excited to start my summer work term with OUSA! If you have questions about my role or want to connect with me for suggestions or collaboration, you can email me at [email protected].