Educated Solutions

First published in 2004, Educated Solutions was created to recognize and explore the unique challenges faced by Ontario’s university students, providing a forum to address the concerns of our Province’s undergraduates, with content from individuals and groups who are working to change the system.

Issue 4

Starting from the idea that quality is a relative and dynamic concept based on values, beliefs, and opinions, this collection of articles advocates that the process of establishing definitions of quality should involve a range of stakeholder groups. This magazine addresses the concept of quality in relation to higher education through the eyes of students, teachers, and industry professionals. It explores the different ways of thinking about quality.

Issue 3

The perspective articles in this issue present expert opinions on a wide-range of issues related to higher learning, including student engagement, student loans, shaping the future post-secondary education in Ontario, and the value of investments in post-secondary education in our province.

Issue 2

The feature articles in this issue discuss the importance of a well-rounded, high-quality educational experience for all students, from barrier free education for disabled students to the debate around student retention to investigating the current financial aid system.

Issue 1

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Educated Solutions, a magazine that recognizes and explores the unique challenges faced by Ontario's university students. This publication provides a much-needed forum to address the concerns of our province's undergraduates,  both through their own investigative journalism and through perspective articles by individuals and groups who are working to change the system.