OUSA's Letter to the Minister

OUSA released a public letter to Minister Ross Romano that highlights student concerns with the changes to OSAP. The letter shares real stories and calls on the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities to reverse these changes so that all willing and qualified students can access post-secondary education in Ontario.


OSAP Letter Writing Campaign - Sign the letter!


When the changes were announced in January, OUSA asked students to use the #ONStudentsSpeak hashtag to share how they were affected by changes to OSAP, the tuition framework, and the non-tuition ancillary fee framework (Student Choice Initiative). OUSA received over 200 responses from students across the province, who shared personal stories about how these changes would affect them. Faced with cuts to their OSAP funding, many students had similar concerns, including not being able to support themselves, being forced to take on additional jobs, and having less time to study. These responses are summarized in OUSA’s OSAP campaign video, “#ONStudentsSpeak on OSAP Cuts”. 


What are Open Educational Resources?

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Thanks to OERs, students in Ontario have already saved $1.7 million and that number continues to grow as students head back to school this Fall.