Steering Committee Introductions: Alexia Henriques

Hi there!
My name is Alexia Henriques (most people just call me Lex), I use she and her pronouns, and I am currently serving as the Vice President of University Affairs for the Alma Mater Society of Queen’s University. I am extremely excited for the opportunity to represent my peers at Queen’s as a member of this year’s OUSA Steering Committee.

To give you some background on me, I am originally from downtown Toronto and am privileged to be a first-generation University student. I have just graduated from the School of Kinesiology and Health Studies at Queen’s, with a bachelor's degree in physical and health education. Becoming involved outside of the classroom and lecture hall is really what has defined my time at Queen’s and is truly what I will remember many years from now. Throughout my undergraduate career, my passion for student-led advocacy, access to education, survivor-centric sexual violence prevention and response, and approaching health and wellness in a holistic and intersectional way has been amplified.

I have been fortunate enough to be involved in a variety of extracurriculars and learning opportunities during these past four years. Being at the forefront of Orientation Week planning and implementation allowed me to meet students from across my institution who come from diverse backgrounds and lived experiences. I have been able to plan events and work with peers from within my faculty society on its assembly, work for the Queen’s Residence Society, volunteer with not-for-profits, and even play on a flag football team. However, working within student government has been the most challenging and rewarding experience thus far.  


The largest and most important part of my job is to be a listener. It is my duty to provide safe and accountable spaces for students and student leaders alike to raise their concerns and provide realistic solutions that can lead to meaningful change. I am privileged to have been given this platform, and I am hopeful that in the coming year, we can work together to positively impact our campuses. Consultations and conversations are the catalyst for change, and I look forward to continuing these efforts within the Queen’s and Kingston community, and on a Provincial level through OUSA.

Now more than ever, it is imperative we use our collective voice to advocate for students, raise their voices and concerns, and protect their interests. I look forward to doing so in the year ahead, and to working with some of the most brilliant and passionate student leaders in the province.

Yours truly

Alexia Henriques (she/her/hers) 

Vice President (University Affairs) - Alma Mater Society of Queen’s University