OUSA Presents: "Perspectives on Campus"

Racialized students studying in Ontario’s universities have unique experiences relative to their white counterparts. Recognizing this, OUSA is sharing first-hand accounts of these experiences with the broader provincial post-secondary community. 

‘Perspectives on Campus,’ or "POC" is a five-part video series hosted by Research Intern Zamir (@ZamirFakirani). Perspectives on Campus will highlight the experiences of different racialized communities in the post-secondary sector. This web series amplifies the voices of students doing anti-racism work and identifying how our campuses can become more welcoming spaces for racialized students.

The series will cover topics such as allyship in the context of anti-black racism, pandemic-borne sinophobia and stereotypes, as well as the anti-brown racism. It will feature guests from McMaster University, Queen's, Laurentian, Western, and Brock. 

Look out for the first episode on August 5, 2020.