OUSA Welcomes New Member

I'm very excited to announce that at the final meeting of the year, OUSA's Steering Committee voted unanimously to approve a membership bid by Laurentian University's Students' General Association (SGA-AGÉ), who will be joining us as full members next month as we start the 2016-2017 year.

Headquartered at Laurentian's main campus in Sudbury, the SGA is the largest bilingual association representing Laurentian students. The SGA acts as the collective voice of the students at the university and greater community.

Both the SGA's current and incoming President joined us at OUSA's March 2016 General Assembly at Brock University to learn more about the organization, meet student delegates from across the province, and witness our policy process first hand. All of our delegates and staff were impressed and heartened by their enthusiasm over the weekend and their willingness to dive right into the issues by participating in the policy conversations. We very much look forward to that same passion and commitment when they represent Laurentian students on our Steering Committee this year.

Additionally, they could not be joining at a better time. At our previous General Assembly, OUSA students voted to update and renew our policy paper on Rural and Northern Students. As a representative body for students in Northern Ontario, their insights and priorities will no doubt be a considerable asset as we revisit the policy in the Fall.

I know I speak for all of us here at OUSA when I extend a warm welcome to the SGA-AGÉ, and say that I look forward to all the progress we will make for students!