Meet Our Steering Committee: Lindsee Perkins, VP Human Resources and Administration


My name is Lindsee Perkins and I’m excited to introduce myself as OUSA’s Vice President Human Resources and Administration for this upcoming year. As I graduate from Western University’s Management and Organizational Studies program with a specialization in Human Resources, I look forward to bringing everything I’ve learned to this role.

Since I was young, I’ve always been commended on my ability to stay positive and involved. I loved making new friends, going to school events and being committed to more than just the classroom. As such, it was a natural step for me to run for a high school student council position. However, after a contentious race and an extensive ballot tallying process I discovered then that being involved was about a lot more than just putting your name forward. Taking part in that election was my first step into student politics- my first experience rallying students, hearing feedback and working to create a better learning experience.

After graduating high school and starting at Western I once again was forced to confront what I thought “student involvement” really meant. One cold January afternoon I got a call from an upper-year student encouraging me to join a University Students’ Council president’s campaign team. Through that experience, I witnessed the potential of unbridled student involvement – to inspire, to lead and to change. After that year I made it a priority to tap into that potential, taking on leaderships roles with my faculty students’ council, the student-run Health and Wellness Committee and the University Students’ Council.

All these decisions have now led me here – to OUSA. Students may not always realize it, but this organization offers something that is hard to come by. OUSA is a collection of individuals, both student and otherwise who (like myself) have recognized the potential of the student voice. I applied for this role because I could not pass up the opportunity to combine my background in human resources with my passion for advocating for students. I wanted to take part in the important conversations happening around the province- conversations about the quality of education, about student experiences, and about barriers that postsecondary students continue to face.

So be sure to have those conversations – with me, with OUSA’s Home Office staff, with the other Steering Committee members. No matter how you get involved, remember that your opinions matter because, just as I discovered in my high school election those years ago, we all have a role to play if we’re willing to put the work in.

Thank you,

Lindsee Perkins