Introducing Martyna Siekanowicz, OUSA’s New Research and Policy Analyst

Hello there! My name is Martyna Siekanowicz and I’m super excited to be joining OUSA’s Home Office team as the newest Research and Policy Analyst.

I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto where my plans to major in English Literature quickly fell through as I became more interested in political issues, public policy, and political theory, ultimately completing my degree in Political Science. After some time off I decided to head back to university to complete my Master’s degree in Political Science at McMaster University. At McMaster I continued to build on my interests and knowledge in public policy, theory, and politics more broadly. It was also at McMaster where I had the opportunity to become more involved in student issues as well as to further explore post-secondary education in Ontario, which led me to OUSA and the amazing policy and advocacy work the organization has been doing over the years.

I’ve been very fortunate to have the chance to develop, learn, and work in an academic setting for the last few years. My passion for accessible education and quality learning was definitely shaped by my time as a student and also as a Teaching Assistant, but more importantly, it was shaped by the conversations and interactions I had with my peers, student groups, and diverse student voices. Getting to work with students and being part of an organization that actively promotes student experiences in shaping provincial policies is something I look forward to most in this new role.

I look forward to working with OUSA to achieve its student-centered vision and to help improve the educational experiences of current and future students in Ontario.