Introducing Marc Gurrisi, OUSA’s New Research and Policy Analyst

Hello everyone,

My name is Marc and I am very excited to be starting my role as a Research & Policy Analyst for the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance. The reason I am thrilled to be a part of OUSA is because this position combines two of my passions: higher education policy and student advocacy.

When I began my postsecondary studies at McMaster University, I sought to become a policy professional but never knew what field of policy was best for me. Most of my courses related to international relations and federal public policy, but it wasn’t until the end of my Master of Arts program that I knew my passion was within the higher education sector. As I completed my Master of Education at York University I found myself drawn to exploring the various pathways to student success, including employment, student life, health and well-being, diversity, accessibility, mobility, and many others.

Working at the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario was a big moment in my life. It was not only my first full-time office position, but it also related to the educational and professional goals I had set for myself. In that setting I became exposed to a variety of projects relating to learning outcomes and the development of essential skills in Ontario’s graduates. It gave me the tools and knowledge necessary to enhance my profile as a policy professional. I found it to be exciting and engaging, and I knew that I wanted to continue working towards the sector’s excellence as a whole. Most importantly, I realized that I wanted to work on behalf of students and advocate for the issues they felt were of greatest importance to them.

The student-centred focus and fantastic team that encompasses OUSA grabbed my attention immediately. Students should always be at the forefront of higher education policy, and it’s exciting to be part of an organization that shares that belief so strongly. Although I come with experience, I recognize that I have much to learn. As you can probably guess based on my educational background, learning is something I am always up for. I look forward to this wonderful learning opportunity and I intend to work hard toward OUSA’s – and its students’ – continued success. I’m proud to be here and I can’t wait to embark on this new chapter with each and every one of you!

Research and Policy Analyst
Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance