Introducing Linda Cabral, OUSA’s New Summer Research Intern


I’m Linda Cabral, and I am excited to be joining OUSA’s home office team for the summer as a research intern.

I just finished up my degree in Social Psychology at McMaster University with a minor in Political Science. I will also be heading to Carleton University in the fall to complete my Masters in Political Management.

Before getting involved in student political advocacy, I was involved in student affairs within the Social Sciences faculty at McMaster, where I worked on the applications and benefits of arts degrees and why students shouldn’t be afraid to pursue them. This past year, I was a member of the Advocacy team on two McMaster Student Union (MSU) committees, Municipal Affairs and Provincial and Federal Affairs. This also got me involved in the MSU’s policy writing process, where I helped write papers on topics like Accessibility and Campus Infrastructure.

A good friend of mine suggested applying to be an OUSA delegate for the Fall General Assembly, and while there I learned about OUSA’s policy structure and how they work to represent students. I also attended the Spring General Assembly, where I became more confident in my ability to edit and overview policies.

I admire OUSA’s student-driven advocacy in making post-secondary education affordable and accessible. I also admire and support the student mobilization groups across the province (and country!) that are fighting to decolonize higher education.   

I’m not sure how people end these posts, but I am super excited to be here this summer and to be working toward creating a more student-focused post-secondary education system. I can be reached at [email protected] or on Twitter @ohmisslinda (shameless plug).