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Introducing Roch Goulet: Steering Committee Member from Laurentian University

My name is Roch Goulet and I am the President of the Laurentian University Students’ General Association. For some who may not know, we are the newest OUSA member school, the most northern, and second smallest by demographic. With these qualities in our back pocket, I am honoured to provide that perspective as a Steering Committee member. As we near the end of our summer and welcome students to our campus, I am thankful to OUSA SC and home office staff for their guidance over my transition and the first quarter of my term.

Don’t Be Afraid to Fail – It Might Just Pay Off

Where did the time go?

Just under four months ago, I began my journey in the big city. Coming into this internship with already some experience, I had thought of myself as someone who understood the world of student politics pretty well. Wow, was I ever wrong. 

Finding The Balance: The Key For Success in University

It’s hard to believe that we have less than a month left until September. The beginning of the month of August marks the acceptable time to get ready for back to school. For many this may simply involve picking up some pencils, notebooks, a new backpack, and possibly some fresh new kicks. 

Collaboration Across Campuses

Collaboration: a popular idea in the modern workplace, school, and government. Effective group-work is a skill of increasing importance, visible in the classroom with group assignments, projects, and even tests becoming more prominent and contributing to an increasing portion of students' grades. At the university-level, student unions function on successful collaboration: among student leaders both within and outside of the union, with full-time staff, university administration, stakeholders, and any other campus and community partners.

Presidential Update - July 2017

Last week, we released a joint publication called Shared Perspectives with our friends at the New Brunswick Student Alliance, Students Nova Scotia, Council of Alberta University Students, and Canadian Alliance of Student Associations.

It’s Time to Lift the Curtain on Financial Literacy

Let’s talk money.

Or rather, the fear of not having any.

For many students, the topic of finances is difficult and scary. It is full of not knowing – not knowing how interest and loans work, not knowing how to file taxes, not knowing how to make a budget. Let’s not even approach the idea of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other investments. But our ignorance on finances does not make us immune to the consequences that can result.

Introducing Stephanie Bellotto: Steering Committee Member from Wilfrid Laurier University

My name is Stephanie Bellotto and I am the Vice President of University Affairs for the Wilfrid Laurier University Students’ Union. I am very excited to be sitting on OUSA’s Steering Committee this year! Our Steering Committee is full of passionate individuals who are committed to making this a successful year by advocating for an enhanced student experience. Let’s also not forget OUSA’s amazing Home Office Staff who I am so excited to be working with!

Presidential Update - June 2017

Although it's the middle of summer, things are anything but boring at OUSA! We were excited to hear that White Ribbon’s Draw the Line campaign recently chose to recognize past Steering Committee member, Sarah Wiley, with an award for her advocacy efforts in sexual violence prevention and response.