How to Write a Letter to an MPP

How to Write a Letter to an MPP


Are you unhappy or pleased with something announced or enforced by the Ontario Government? If you want to have your voice heard, you can write a letter to Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs).


Why Write a Letter to your MPP?


Writing a letter to your MPP gives you the opportunity to make your voice heard as a constituent of their riding. MPPs have shown to be effective advocates for their constituents, but need to hear from them in order to do so. At OUSA we do our best to advocate on behalf of all of our students, but writing a letter to your MPP allows you to personally address and advocate on issues that you think are important.      

To whom should I send my email/letter?


If you want to gain the support from your Local MPP:


  1. Find your provincial riding
  2. Find (MPPs) email(s) and address(es) here


If you want to address the Ministry in charge of your issue:


Step 1: Send your letter directly to the Premier, Minister(s), Parliamentary Assistant(s), and Critic(s) in charge of the issue


For example, if your issue pertains to post-secondary education, you should simultaneously send your letter to:



Step 2: Include your Local MPP


  • Find your provincial riding here
  • Find MPP(s)’ email(s) and address(es) here
  • Copy the MPP who represents the riding in which your university is located


If your MPP is not listed above, you can find their contact information here.


What should I write in my letter?


  • Who you are, what university you attend
  • What issue concerns you
  • How you feel
  • What you want to be done or changed
  • A date by which you want to hear about what they are going to do
  • Your name and (e-mail) address


Sample MPP Letter


Name of MPP/Party Leader

Street Address

City/Town, Postal Code




Dear (Mr./Ms./Mrs.) (Surname)


My name is [your name here] and I am an undergraduate student at [your university student here]. I am writing to you to express my concerns on [issue here].


[Paragraph 1: Background information on the issue]


[Paragraph 2: How you feel and how the issue affects you, your peers, and your university community]


[Paragraph 3: What you want done or changed]


[Date by which you want to hear back from them]


Thank you for taking the time to listen to my concerns, and I look forward to receiving a response from you.




[Personal Signature if available]




City, Province

Post Code


Phone Number




There are also plenty of resources available online, here are some guides and examples:


Need more info?


If you still want assistance or need more information, please contact your university’s Steering Committee Member, or email [email protected].


Steering Committee:


updated: June 21, 2019