Introducing Bianca Giacoboni, Summer 2024 Communications & Advocacy Intern

Hello! My name is Bianca Giacoboni (she/her) and I am very excited to say that I am the 2024 Communications and Advocacy intern for the summer at OUSA! 

I recently wrapped up my undergraduate degree this past semester at McMaster University, majoring in Honours Political Science! It has been an amazing time at McMaster to explore my aspirations and interests in so many different fields and be introduced to OUSA along the way through classes and extracurriculars. I was previously involved with OUSA as a blog writer earlier in the year with a piece titled “Does Every Political Science Student Go Down the “Pre-Law” Drain?”, and I am so grateful to be back in my summer position! 

As I conclude my time as an undergraduate student, student advocacy has become a part of  my future aspirations. Having recently experienced post-secondary, I understand the current climate of Ontario’s student life and what can be changed and improved. Throughout my time as a political science student, advocacy and policy have always been an area of interest because of its ability to better the lives of people across all aspects of life. OUSA’s platform for student policy is extremely admirable as students may feel they lack a voice within themselves. Capturing the student experience through policy briefs and presenting them at Queen’s Park is a daunting task, yet OUSA manages to combine both student involvement and academia to support the needs and changes of students all over the province! 

In my time over the past few years of undergrad at McMaster, my club and extracurricular experiences have increased my  communications and advocacy experience which extends into my current position at OUSA. I would not trade my time in these clubs for anything in the world, as they merged my love for policy and advocacy with communications and social media platform work. In my third year at McMaster, I became the VP of Marketing of the McMaster Political Science Student Association, and in my fourth year, the Graphic Designer of the McMaster Social Science Student Association. I also became a Writer and Social Media Director for the McMaster chapter of Her Campus where, in all my positions, I was able to strengthen my communications skills through content creation and social media work and outreach! I am immensely grateful for the skillsets I was able to gain through my time in these roles, and cannot recommend enough for students to get involved with their program societies and club executive roles! 

I am beyond excited to work with both Tiffany and Malika this summer on all things communications at OUSA, and immerse myself in the various policy recommendations that OUSA presents within their advocacy work. In my personal time, I love to read and write - my favourite time of the day is usually my journaling time! I also love scrolling for embroidery inspiration via Pinterest, and am actively trying to learn how to sew clothes this summer!  If you have any questions about my current role or want to connect, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at [email protected]

Thank you!