Introducing Kathryn Kettle, New Steering Committee Member from Laurentian University

Hi there!

My name is Kathryn Kettle and I am the Vice President of Policy and Advocacy at the Students’ General Association (SGA/AGÉ) at Laurentian University in Sudbury. The SGA/AGÉ was the most recent association to join OUSA, in early 2016. I am so excited to be the third person representing the SGA/AGÉ on the OUSA Steering Committee this upcoming year!

I am currently entering my last year of Biomedical Biology at Laurentian. I transferred from the University of Ottawa halfway through my degree.  Although I am a transfer student, Sudbury is the place I call home, which largely contributed to my decision to move back here. My home is one that is full of nature, with Sudbury having over 330 lakes and an abundance of biodiversity. Whether I’m hiking, playing sports, or spending time at camp, there’s nothing I enjoy more than being outdoors.

Although Northern Ontario can be a beautiful place, Laurentian students attending university in the north encounter different and unique challenges compared to students attending other schools in Ontario. Key student issues such as transportation, student housing, employment, and participation in the community are a few examples of the many issues that become more difficult to manage in northern and rural communities. I am a dedicated advocate for the varying student issues on our campus, and having grown up here in the north, I am looking forward to representing our association and school as a northern voice on OUSA’s Steering Committee.

My first experience with OUSA was at the Spring 2018 General Assembly, which was hosted right here in Sudbury. I like to think that I received the full GA experience right away as a contributing author to the Student Mobility and Credit Transfer policy. The SGA/AGÉ was pleased to show OUSA’s other member schools what our campus looks like during the winter months of the year. We are also delighted to continually hear how much the other schools enjoyed our food here at Laurentian!

I am thankful for all of the students, friends, and family who helped me get to where I am today. I am committed to making sure that I am someone students can trust to have their voices heard and to make positive change in our learning environments, in the Sudbury community, and throughout Ontario.

Looking forward to a great year,