Why Advocate? : A Podcast Series

Charlie Martin is the Communications and Advocacy Intern with OUSA for the Summer of 2023. The purpose of starting this show was partly due to completing his capstone project. Charlie wanted to use his project to highlight the works of those he advocates beside and learn more about what it truly means to advocate for students. Through each episode, Charlie brings on a special guest with a unique perspective on a student-related issue to discuss the importance of advocating and bringing awareness to others. Moreover, Charlie discusses how each guest became aware of advocacy and delves deep into their journey to becoming a student leader.

Charlie Martin is a third-year student at Brock University studying Political Science with a minor in history.  After his undergrad, Charlie intends to become a lawyer, where he wants to practice family law.  

Click on each episode to be directed to the full podcast posted on YouTube.

Episode #1 - Affordability with Alyssa Hall

Alyssa Hall is the Vice President of External Affairs at Brock University. In this episode, Charlie and Alyssa discuss student affordability and how students are facing food and housing insecurity. Alyssa talks of how she ended up in her executive role, which came to her rather than her reaching for it. 

Episode #2 - Gender Based Sexual Violence with Emily 

Emily Poirier is OUSA’s VP of Finance and Westerns Undergraduate Student Councils Vice President of External Affairs. In this episode, Charlie and Emily discuss the climate of Western’s campus following the mass drugging and sexual assault cases during O-Week of 2021. Emily talks of her involvement in assembling the walkout and her grassroots advocacy work and distinguishes between being an activist and an advocate. 

Episode #3 - Student Governance with Andy

Andrea (Andy) LePage is the former Brock University Student Union’s Vice President of University Affairs. In this episode, Charlie and Andy discuss student governance, the importance of involvement in student politics, and what it means to be an advocate.


Episode #4 - Accessibility with Kate

Kate Georgia Traynor is OUSA’s Vice President of Human Resources and the Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association Vice President. In this episode, Charlie and Kate discuss the many invisible barriers some students face regarding accessibility on and off campus. Kate discusses her journey toward advocacy and how being a planner shapes her mind when advocating for students.

Episode #5 - Racial Equity with Kerry

Kerry Yang is the Associate Vice President of Municipal Affairs with the Mcmaster University Student Union. In this episode, Charlie and Kerry discuss Racial Equity and how students like Kerry are combating racial discrimination on campus. Kerry discusses her road to advocacy through her lived experience of racial discrimination. Kerry also discusses her calling to advocacy at a young age and being in a governance role early in her undergraduate career.