Doing More with Less: Investing in the Quality of Higher Education

In announcing the $6.2 billion Reaching Higher plan, the McGuinty government declared that it would improve the overall quality of the post-secondary education system in the province of Ontario. Five years later, promised improvements in access have materialized, but unexpected enrollment increases have effectively swallowed up any additional funding for quality improvements. 

Students believe that a renewed emphasis on quality and student success is necessary for Ontario’s future economic prosperity. It is undeniable that participation rates have climbed steadily toward 70%, the percentage of new jobs expected to require a post-secondary credential in the coming decade. That said, countries around the world are catching up, especially in university enrollment, and Ontario cannot compete with the world based solely on volume of graduates. With universities in India and China turning out hundreds of thousands of graduates, Ontario must have the best and brightest workforce, not simply hand out the most credentials.

It is with this in mind that the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance submits the following plan for improving the quality of education at Ontario’s colleges and universities.