Educated Investments: Building a Healthy Future for Ontario

In the July 2014 Throne Speech, the Government of Ontario reiterated its commitment to “grow the economy and support all people of the province by investing in education and the skills training necessary for new growth.” Education remains a key strategy for fostering innovation and stable economic growth in the province. University graduates stand to earn 65% more income over their lifetimes than those without a post-secondary credential. On average, university graduates use fewer public services, pay higher taxes, and commit less crime. Finally, those that have completed post-secondary education are more likely to start their own businesses.

It is in pursuit of that same goal, and recognition of education as an important social equalizer and personal benefit, that the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance (OUSA), a student advocacy organization representing nearly 140,000 full- and part-time undergraduate and professional students at seven universities, makes its recommendations for the 2015 Ontario Budget.