Student Advocacy Conference: Recap for 2023

Student Advocacy Conference (SAC) is OUSA’s annual, week-long advocacy initiative. Students  from  across  Ontario - delegates  from  OUSA’s  member  associations - meet with legislators and staffers at Queen’s Park on the most important  issues  in  post-secondary  education.  At  each  meeting  with  Members  of  Provincial Parliament (MPPs), delegates highlight the student-written, evidence-based policy recommendations that OUSA advocates to government and ministries all year long. This  year ’s  SAC  ran  from  November  27th  to  30th,  where  eighteen  delegates  from  nine  university  student  associations  across  Ontario  championed  student  advocacy  to  represent  the concerns of over 160,000 undergraduate and professional, full- and part-time students in our province. This summary document provides an overview of the week, we're grateful for everyone who participated in the conference, and see you next year!