Presidential Update - February 2021


For post-secondary students, February was an eventful month filled with election campaigns, midterms, and reading breaks. Student associations across Ontario navigated virtual elections and elected new executives—congratulations to the newly elected student leaders! The year ahead will be a challenging and rewarding one.


Campus Visit: UOSU

We took a virtual trip to Ottawa and met with UOSU executives for the first time! We’re looking forward to a successful partnership with our newest observer school.


We’re Hiring 

OUSA is hiring a Research and Policy Analyst! This is an excellent opportunity for someone with strong research skills and an interest in student advocacy and public policy. Applications are due on March 11th at 11:59 PM. 



OUSA continues to engage in important conversations with post-secondary stakeholders and the government. In February, OUSA worked alongside Courage to Act to support consultations that will inform the federal government’s National Action Plan to End Gender-Based Violence. OUSA was also invited to participate in a meeting to discuss the results of the 2019-20 Ontario University Graduate Surveys (OUGS).


Budget Submission

As we approach the one-year anniversary of the pandemic, OUSA has been tirelessly highlighting student concerns and calling on the provincial government to prioritize students and recent graduates in the next phase of Ontario’s Action Plan. OUSA recently released its 2021 budget submission, Educated Investments: Supporting Students For A Stronger Recovery, which provides recommendations to help ensure that students have the support they need to complete their education, gain practical experience, and maintain their well-being—ultimately preparing them to contribute to Ontario’s long-term recovery and building a future where all Ontarians are protected and supported.


OUSA101 - Spring Campaign 

This month, we launched our OUSA 101 campaign to highlight our hard-working student leaders and help students learn more about how OUSA works with its member student associations to improve the post-secondary experience. This campaign was a great opportunity to engage with students in a virtual setting and highlight the different opportunities to get involved in student advocacy. 


Head over to OUSA’s Instagram (@ousahome), to learn more about OUSA’s advocacy and get the inside scoop on being a student leader from OUSA’s Steering Committee


Coming up: Spring GA

What’s next? We’re getting ready for our Spring General Assembly, where delegates will discuss our policies on Student Mental Health and Wellness, Racial and Religious Equity, and Indigenous Students. We are looking forward to (virtually) hosting students from across Ontario. 


It has almost been a year since the pandemic changed many aspects of our lives. Over the past year, students have had to adapt to a new educational experience and a mostly online semester while dealing with the effects of a pandemic. This has been a difficult time for students, and I want to remind you that your well-being is the most important thing. Take a break, eat healthy, and check in with friends. 


Until next time,