Student Organizations Across the Country Release a Joint Publication on Sector Sustainability


November 15, 2023


Student Organizations Across the Country Release a Joint Publication on Sector Sustainability


TORONTO – As post-secondary jurisdictions across the country navigate ongoing financial precarity, six student advocacy organizations across Canada

 have come together to release Shared Perspectives: A Joint Publication Sector Sustainability. This year's publication looks at how provincial and federal governments can adopt student-centric sustainable funding practices to reduce the overreliance on student contributions in institutional funding while maintaining quality program and service delivery. Like many other sectors across the country, the post-secondary sector has had to adjust to cutbacks and austere funding, which can negatively affect students' access to academic and extracurricular experiences.


"Provinces across the country are grappling with how to maintain the quality of service delivery for students under the constraints of shrinking budgets. Providing the student perspective on balancing student contributions and government funding responsibilities is essential in keeping the conversation moving forward," said Vivian Chiem, Vice-President Government & Stakeholder Relations at the Wilfrid Laurier Students’ Union and OUSA President. "Continued sustainable investment strategies are essential to ensuring students have access to affordable and quality education."



Shared Perspectives includes contributions from: 

the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA); 

the Council of Alberta University Students (CAUS); 

the New Brunswick Student Alliance (NBSA); 

the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance (OUSA); 

Students Nova Scotia (StudentsNS);

Quebec Student Union (QSU | UEQ)



Shared Perspectives provides region-specific analysis of the disparities and areas for improvement among various jurisdictional sectors' sustainability. Over the past several years, the approaches to post-secondary funding have shifted from robust government support to overreliance on student tuition to account for provincial reductions. While many jurisdictions have expressed intent to improve funding practices, these changes have yet to come into effect. Student organizations have noted fiscally cautious provincial budgets make institutions disproportionately reliant on student populations such as international students, while governments cut back on supports for marginalized students. As the post-secondary sector continues to navigate post-pandemic recovery and ongoing economic stressors, maintaining sustainable funding practices is essential in ensuring Canadian students nationwide have access to affordable, high-quality education.


Shared Perspectives: A Joint Publication on Sector Sustainability is a joint report from six partners, representing over 600,000 students. To view the full report, visit OUSA’s website here


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