Student Health and Wellness

Health is a fundamental human right that, for post-secondary students, is often at-risk due to demanding academic, employment and extracurricular commitments, insufficient financial resources and support, and gaps in accommodations and access to care. Existing mental health and addictions crises, barriers to physical and sexual wellness, along with food insecurity and insufficient health care coverage and accommodations, have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving post-secondary students in an increasingly precarious position as they struggle to maintain their wellbeing. Without adequate support, students will continue to face mental, physical, and sexual health challenges that will impact their ability to succeed in post-secondary education and beyond. This policy paper offers a number of recommendations that illustrate the importance of support from the provincial government to ensure students are able to live full and healthy lives, and provides the basis for a comprehensive, student-driven response to the mental health and addictions crisis, gaps in accommodations and support, and barriers to physical and sexual wellness that impact the overall wellbeing of students in Ontario.