Ancillary & Incidental Fees

Ancillary fees levied by universities are integral to fund several services, supports and resources that students use on a daily basis. However, the individualized designation of non-essential fees allows students to opt out of certain fees on an individual basis. This overrides the student democratic process, threatens the existence of certain programs and services, specifically those offered to marginalized students, and creates financial uncertainty for student unions. Several other issues, such as fragmented and inaccessible fee guidelines, unaffordable fees for additional learning resources, and a lack of accountability in how the fee is used, threaten the transparency and distribution of the funds. As ancillary fees should encourage a holistic and fulfilling post-secondary experience for all students, the provincial government should undertake measures to strengthen the ancillary and incidental fee funding model and the services they fund. The decisions around ancillary and incidental fees should secure student autonomy, uphold democratic processes and improve the affordability of learning.