OUSA Elects 2016-17 Executive

TORONTO, May 20, 2016 - OUSA's new Steering Committee met for the first time and is proud to announce the election of our 2016-17 Executive Officers:

  • President Jamie Cleary, who also serves as Vice-President of the University Students' Council at Western University
  • Vice-President Finance Kraymr Grenke, who also serves as President of the Students' General Association at Laurentian University
  • Vice-President Administration¬†& Human Resources Julia Wood, who also serves as Vice-President External Affairs at the Brock University Students' Union

OUSA's new Executives are looking forward to working with the other members of Steering Committee to work towards enhancing post-secondary education for all undergraduate students in Ontario.

A thanks also goes out to thank Spencer Nestico-Semianiw, Christopher Fernlund, and Lindsee Perkins for their dedicated service to OUSA as the outgoing executive and for their unwavering commitment to improving the accessibility, affordability, accountability, and quality of an undergraduate education in Ontario.