July 2022 Newsletter

It may be July, but we’re not done chatting about June just yet… here’s everything OUSA for June 2022 and a sneak peek at what’s to come!



OUSA President Jessica Look is back with another update:

“This month also marked the first time our Steering Committee met in person, at Strategic Planning Conference! We decided on our advocacy priorities for the year, which includes Gender-Based Violence Prevention & Response, Rural & Northern Students, Affordability, and Sector Sustainability. Based on OUSA’s policy paper library, we’ll be advocating for specific recommendations on these topics. Personally, one of the highlights of the conference was getting to bond with the team in person and learning more about everyone! (P.S. Steering Committee’s new favourite game is Anomia.) Check out our wrap-up post here, and follow along on our socials to stay connected!”

 Full scoop here.




Strategic Planning Conference

Back in person for the first time since 2019, OUSA’s Steering Committee spent a wholesome week’s end in Toronto with Home Office, meeting in person, getting to know one another, and of course, strategically planning the year ahead! On the roster were: MBTI personality test results, advocacy and organizational priorities, lunches at Grange Park, sharing personal and professional goals for growth, the Rec Room, plans to strengthen the diversity, equity, and inclusivity of OUSA, and silly goofy pictures! :)




Get to know (or know again!) our Steering Committee! All month long, we’ve been sharing their sweet little hellos to you all on our blog. Take a peek here:




Policy Paper Brainstorming and Consultations

OUSA is hard at work this month conducting consultations and brainstorming for six papers that are up for review this year: Tuition; Ancillary and Incidental Fees; Student Entrepreneurship, Employment, and Employability, Two Spirit and LGBTQ+ Students, Student Accessibility and Disability Inclusion, and Teaching and Assessment.

Educated Solutions

Meanwhile, Malika Dhanani, editor of our annual print publication Educated Solutions, reports that we are making great headway on this front. Preparations continue toward an early September release, so keep an eye out for more information on the theme and contributors for this year’s edition!

Intern Capstone Projects

Also coming up in the next couple of months shall be capstone projects from our summer interns, Vivian Chiem and Sreenidhi Jaganathan. What have our students been thinking about all summer long? Keep an eye out in the next newsletter for more… 

Wishing you all a safe and warm summer!




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