Steering Committee Introductions: Fawziyah Isah

Hey everyone, My name is Fawziyah and I’m serving at the Vice-President Education for the McMaster Students Union for the 2020/21 year. I am excited to be sitting on the OUSA Steering Committee this year and I am hopeful for the advocacy wins we can bring to undergraduate students. 


Currently, I am completing a degree in Political Science and Sociology, which has ignited a passion for anti-racism, gender equity, and international relations theory. Within student advocacy, I am passionate about mental health advocacy, sexual violence prevention and response, and post-secondary affordability. My hope this year is to apply my political science studies and bring anti-racism and the experiences of racialized students to the forefront of provincial student advocacy. 

I look forward to representing the unique needs of our diverse campus at McMaster University within OUSA. I’ve been involved in student governance and student advocacy for the last three years of my undergraduate career, and I am thankful for all the support I have received from students, friends, and family over the last few years. 


Looking forward to a strong year,