Introducing Peter Henen: Steering Committee Member from Brock University

Dear reader,

My name is Peter Henen, and currently I am pursuing a double major in psychology and biology, and a minor in French. I love to learn and utilize what I’ve learned to real life scenarios. Like many people, I enjoy traveling, eating good food, being around good friends and family and exploring nature. Some other hobbies I enjoy include collecting old bills and coins, painting and break-dancing. I have a very diverse set of interests, but I am most passionate using what I’ve learned to make the world a better place. Specifically, I want to promote “unity in community”. One way I have managed to do that at my home institution, Brock University, is through connecting individuals who were involved in different clubs and had unique interests to voice their concerns on a united front.

Brock University students stood together on many occasions, to voice their opinion to the senior administration as well as to raise awareness amongst each other, on the prevalent issue of food security. One channel I was able to create to serve as an avenue through which Brock University students’ voices may be heard cumulatively was a petition which garnered more than half the university population's support (just under ten thousand signatures). Through my time in advocating for food security on campus, the many layers involved in advocacy became evident. When we first began advocating, we could only see the tip of the iceberg of the problem, and quickly realized there were many more variables at play than could initially be perceived. Nevertheless, it was a great opportunity to learn and has ultimately played a big role in leading me to where I am today – as an elected executive for the Brock University Students’ Union. A new door has opened and it is my intent to let my curious mind dive into the world of politics and advocacy.

This year, I will work with great effort and energy in order to deliver a good contribution to the progress that will be made by Brock University, different member institutions of OUSA and to the progress that OUSA as an organization will make. With eager and sincere sentiments, I look forward to serving the students.

Kind regards,

Peter Henen