Introducing Irum Chorghay, OUSA's New Operations and Communications Coordinator

Howdy folks!


Hailing today from Tkaronto, my name is Irum and I am pumped to join OUSA as the Operations and Communications Coordinator! 

I come from a long line of educators who have taught me to value the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake, and since graduating in 2020 from the University of Toronto with a degree in Classics and a short career in student government, I have been eager to pursue opportunities in the non-profit and education sectors. I support OUSA’s mission toward an accessible, affordable, and accountable higher education system not only in response to the gaping inequalities of our economic systems but also because I believe we all have a right to high-quality learning as a fulfilling and empowering human experience.

I have worked as an administrator in childcare, as a survey archaeologist in Greece, as a research assistant, editor, graphic designer, and publisher with UofT’s Classics department, and I have been volunteering in community and student organizations since I was a preteen! When I’m not labouring, I’m seeking community or trying to learn something new: I am a poet and an avid coffee-drinker who is a little (read: very) obsessed with astrology memes and queer theory, and my favourite activities involve exploring the events, histories, people, and places of this amazing city I am fortunate to call home.

I am so inspired by OUSA’s evidence-based, policy-oriented, and student-centred approach to advocacy and I am really looking forward to working alongside undergraduate students toward a more equitable higher education system in Ontario!