Introducing Deborah Lam, OUSA’s New Operations Coordinator

Hello there!

My name is Deborah Lam (but you can call me Deb) and I’m very excited to join the OUSA team! 

I completed a degree at Wilfrid Laurier University in the Honours Bachelor of Business Administration program with a concentration in Marketing and Brand Communications. Originally, my goal was to become an art director at an advertising agency. I loved to be the creative one behind a marketing campaign. During my undergrad, I was heavily involved in volunteer opportunities that allowed me the chance to plan, promote and facilitate events for undergraduate students. It was during my volunteer involvements that I realized a passion for event planning and organization. There’s nothing more rewarding than putting on an event for students and watching their faces light up with excitement.

In working with students, I’ve also seen the great things that they can accomplish, given the right tools. As a student volunteer I was given autonomy to plan and organize the events I wanted in order to achieve my goals. My new role as the Operations Coordinator definitely provides me the opportunity to combine my love of events and planning with my love of helping students achieve their own goals.

Throughout my role as the Programming & Promotions Manager at Wilfrid Laurier University Students’ Union, my involvement with OUSA was minimal. However, it was my role to help “better the undergraduate experience.” Being part of a Students’ Union allowed me the opportunity to witness the amazing things that OUSA does for undergraduate students. 

I’m looking forward to working and meeting with the Home Office Team, Steering Committee and all of OUSA’s volunteers to try and help make the lives of students better. 

Deborah Lam
Operations Coordinator