Introducing Chisanga Mwamba, OUSA’s New Communications & Operations Coordinator

Hi there!
My name is Chisanga Mwamba, and I'm excited to be OUSA's newest Communications and Operations Coordinator.


I graduated from the University of Toronto with a major in Criminology and Political Science. Recently, I studied the Public Relations Graduate Certificate at Humber College. I am looking forward to bringing knowledge from both my undergraduate and graduate studies to this position. 


My path to advocacy is somewhat unique. I started in middle school when I joined the Neighborhood Resource Association of Westminster Park (NRAWP) in London, Ontario. As part of NRAWP, I advocated for increased resources and services in my community. Over five years, our group implemented a range of services that addressed resident concerns and provided the community with resources in healthcare, education, and leisure programming.  I was recognized for this work with a formal commendation from the Mayor of London. It's through this experience that I developed a passion for advocacy.  I realized that I could use my advocacy skills to work towards a common good and drive change within my community. 


Throughout university, I continued advocating for black students and students in the African diaspora to address anti-black racism on campus, and provide leisure and educational programming. I was a member of several clubs, and I participated in workshops, conferences, and events to enrich my student experience and gain practical skills. I was able to have such a wholesome student experience because of the support provided by my students' union. 


One of the most important roles I took on was as a Youth Consultant for Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy in the year leading up to marijuana legalization. I helped develop an evidence-based cannabis educational toolkit for youth, parents, and educators. This was an important role where I got to be strategy-oriented and think of the higher-level impact of policies. 


I was drawn to OUSA because of its approach to advocacy. OUSA is such a well-respected organization because they use research and data to make policy recommendations and advocate for students. I'm excited to join OUSA and strategically look for new tools and opportunities to amplify student voices and share our work.  


More about me: I'm a reality TV enthusiast (90-Day fiance anyone?), and I'm passionate about wellness, beauty and travel. I have lived in 4 cities and two countries and travelled to a dozen more. 


Please get in touch with me if you would like to contribute to the blog, share any ideas and concerns, or chat about 90 Day Fiancé.  I can be reached by email at [email protected].